Sunday Morning Worship – Sermons of Love, Challange, Hope and Peace

Photo by David Wiggs

Every week a sermon is given by our resident minister, Revd. Russell Furley-Smith, or a visiting minister, lay preacher,  or members of our own congregation.

Although this message forms only one part of our worship it is pivotal in helping us to gain an insight into the will of God and how, as a Christian Community we should interact with each other and our World today.

Space does not allow for every sermon to be made available on-line but an audio recording of key services will be made available on this page.

All our Sunday Morning Services are recorded and a CD or digital recording is available on request after each service. Recordings are kept for up to 6 months.

Sermon; ‘Refusing to be the Saviour we went Jesus to be’ – Revd. Russell Furley-Smith – 10 March 2019 (1 week of Lent).